Before considering whether hypnotherapy is right for you (Spoiler: It is.) please be aware of the following facts:

1) Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for the care of a licensed mental health professional in dealing with diagnosed mental health issues. Hypnotherapy can work in conjunction with such treatment, but should not be used exclusively to treat any diagnosed mental health issue. Marc is not a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist and does not provide medical care nor diagnose, treat, or attempt to cure any disease.

2) If you are under the care of a medical professional for any mental or physical health issue and you’d like to use hypnotherapy to make your treatment more effective, please discuss it with your medical professional first. We are happy to educate medical professionals on the benefits of hypnotherapy: we do not charge for consultation with medical professionals. Marc has worked under the supervision of medical professionals to enhance and facilitate their professional course of treatment. If you provide us with their contact information we will contact them, showing due consideration for their professional judgment and deference to their preferred course of treatment.

3) We do not accept insurance: payment must be via cash, check, or credit card. (In a pinch, we’ll take PayPal.) We are happy to provide any reasonable documentation of qualifications and services rendered if your insurance plan (including your Health Savings Account) offers compensation for hypnotherapy services.